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TechForAll Memphis offers Youth Coding Class

I’m excited to announce we will begin offering our first computer programming class for the youth of Memphis beginning on Saturday, January 13, 2018. While there are several great program in Memphis, such as Memphis Code Crew, BlackGirlsCode Memphis, and Tech901, I want to reach the youth located in the southeast Memphis/Hickory Hill community. If a community is to thrive and flourish, then we must have access to quality education and training programs. Our first class will provide the basic skills required for developing apps, but more importantly, I want to teach our kids to dream big. In the next few years, driverless cars, robotic surgery, and augmented reality will no longer be a novelty, but part of the norm in our society. In order to participate in this digital transformation, our youth must have the ability to understand and take advantage of all technology can offer us. We see this class as just the beginning of our offerings to our community. As TechForAll Memphis grows in volunteers, we envision being able to offer a full curriculum of technology training. It is not our goal to replace the great work being done by our school system, but rather to augment and support its efforts. Our classes will not focus on letter grades or pass/fail, but on the ability to apply your skills.

I’m looking forward to the wide array of questions we will receive from the students and hopefully see that “Aha!” moment when the technology make sense. For the parents, there will be times when your child is confused and doesn’t understand the material. Don’t worry; he/she is not alone. I venture to say most students probably question if they will ever understand the concepts of computer programming. But at some point, the material will click, and they will develop applications that could change the world!

For parents interested in the class, please register on our website at, and for those wishing to volunteer, drop me an email at

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